About Us

Horizon Laser Technology Co., Ltd.

Horizon Laser Technology Co., Ltd is a new high-tech enterprise integrating technical services, technology promotion, laser equipment modular design, sales and integration services. Horizon Laser has many senior technical experts (Covering machine tool design, optics, automation integration, laser process development) from well-known laser companies. Horizon laser is mainly committed to promoting laser processing technology, popularizing laser applications, and reducing the asymmetry of client information through modular sales and integration services of laser equipment, and strives to achieve an satisfaction for customers to buy and use.

Four big advantage

Service first, lifelong support

Heart design, high cost performance

Technology-driven, popular application

Customized requirements and supporting schemes

Company main business

laser cutting, laser welding, laser
cleaning and other laser equipment design, cost-effective OEM
integration, pre-sale, on-sale and after-sale technical services.

Business philosophy

Eliminate industry information barriers and sincerely serve customers;
Customized equipment integration to create new retail with ultra-high cost performance;
Fully transparent display of materials, conscientiously make new domestic products;
Senior experts provide one-to-one guidance, accurately match the needs, and don't spend any extra money.

Our certificate

Our Service

The company provides customers with accurate, effective and fast services.
Pre-sale: The company's sales and technical service personnel participate in the customer proofing, model selection, and process testing processes, and provide comprehensive technical advice and support for customers to determine purchases;

Service and Commitment

The company will assist customers in completing the selection and integration of the sub-modules of the whole machine, as well as the debugging and process. Also can provide training for customer's technical staff; on product knowledge, application schemes, common problems and troubleshooting.


1. 7*24 hour
2. Response time<12 hours
3.Online support
4.Product replacement
5. Customer field service
6. Backup products during repairing for long time cooperators
* International warranty ONLY valid if products are purchased directly from Horizon Laser or authorized local distributors/agents.