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    PULSE FIBER LASER CLEANING MACHINE Pulse fiber laser cleaning machine adopts pulse fiber laser source, a new generation of non-contact cleaning equipment. The high-brightness laser is transmitted through the optical fiber, and combined with the hand-held cleaning head, it can flexibly swing and clean. The hand-held cleaning head can also be fixed on the automated production line to achieve efficient cleaning and refurbishment of products in large quantities. Pulse fiber laser cleaning machine...
  • Single platform laser cutting machine 1000-30000W

    Single platform laser cutting machine 1000-30000W

    Single platform laser cutting machine
    The single-platform laser cutting machine has a small overall footprint and high cost performance. As an economical and practical laser cutting machine, it can be used by the majority of medium and thin plate customers who pursue quality and have limited budgets.

  • Exchange table laser cutting machine 1000-30000W

    Exchange table laser cutting machine 1000-30000W

    Exchange table laser cutting machine comes with high processing efficiency. It adopts imported servo double-drive rack and pinion structure, parallel interactive worktables, and fully enclosed sheet metal outer protection. It is a laser cutting machine with superior performance and high-efficiency processing. Suitable for external processing or exclusive industry customer groups (aluminum sheet).

  • Pipe laser cutting machine

    Pipe laser cutting machine

    The pipe laser cutting machine can cut various pipes such as square pipes, round pipes, special-shaped pipes, etc. It is mainly used for shelves, vehicle frames, sports equipment, pipes and other industries. Various shapes such as intersecting lines, special-shaped holes and square holes can be cut on the pipe. According to different customer needs, it is divided into manual feeding pipe cutting machine and automatic feeding pipe cutting machine. The manual feeding cutting machine is suitable for occasions where the size of the pipe is large and the processing time of a single tube is long; the automatic feeding cutting machine is suitable for the occasions where a large amount of products are processed in large quantities, the product types are relatively single, and the cutting efficiency is required.

  • Precision Laser Cutting Machine

    Precision Laser Cutting Machine

    The precision laser cutting machine can realize the laser fine processing of metal and most non-metallic sheets, and is suitable for occasions with high requirements on cutting precision and small size of cutting products. It can meet the precision machining of cutting, drilling, scribing and so on at the same time. The application market is gold and silver materials for the jewelry industry, aluminum substrates and copper substrates for the circuit industry, PCD synthetic diamonds for the tool industry, and high-hardness steel for saw blades.

  • Handheld laser welding machine

    Handheld laser welding machine

    The hand-held laser welding machine adopt a fiber laser source and transmit high-brightness laser through the fiber, obtain a high energy density output through the hand-held welding head. It is used for welding stainless steel, low carbon steel, aluminum alloy and other materials, and the operation is flexible and convenient.
    The hand-held laser welding machine is integrated with fiber laser source, hand-held welding head, chiller, wire feeder, laser control system, and safety light emitting system. The overall design is small, beautiful, and easy to move. It is convenient for customers to choose a working place without being limited by space and scope. This machine can be used for welding applications in billboards, metal doors & windows, sanitary ware, cabinets, boilers, frames and other industries.

  • Multi-axis laser welding machine

    Multi-axis laser welding machine

    Multi-axis laser welding machine controls the movement of the welding head through multiple motion axes, realizes multi-track welding of complex products, and is suitable for application scenarios with high welding precision and batch product processing. It is widely used in lithium battery industry, 3C industry, kitchen and bathroom industry.

  • 3D Robot Laser Welding Machine

    3D Robot Laser Welding Machine

    3D robot laser welding machine through the laser control module and the manipulator motion mechanism, match each other and work together. It has a high degree of flexibility and can meet the welding needs of any complex work piece. It is widely used in the automotive industry and electrical cabinet industry.

  • Cabinet laser cleaning machine

    Cabinet laser cleaning machine

    The non-contact laser cleaning machine R&D by Horizon Laser is the new high-tech product. It does not hurt the base material, no consumables, energy saving and environmental protection. The resin, oil, stains, dirt, rust, coating, plating, paint on the work piece surface can be removed with high efficiency. This meets the requirements of complex modeling and precision production cleaning in the industrial processing field, achieves a higher level cleaning effect and lower production cost.The machine mainly used for automotive industry, machining, electronic processing, cultural relics, mold industry, shipbuilding, food processing, petrochemical and other industries.
    Cabinet laser cleaning machine has high laser power and fast cleaning speed, suitable for cleaning stubborn rust layer, paint and corrosion layer. The machine is movable and can be hand-held for cleaning operations, suitable for cleaning irregular products. It can also be matched with a manipulator or a multi-axis mobile platform to achieve batch cleaning of batch products.

  • Portable Laser Cleaning Machine

    Portable Laser Cleaning Machine

    Portable laser cleaning machines are small in size, flexible in movement, can match the way of pulling rod or backpack. The laser power is relatively low and the power consumption is small, which is suitable for outdoor operations, and is suitable for cleaning fixed products that are not easy to disassemble and move.
    The new generation portable laser cleaning machine of Horizon Laser combines light weight, easy operation, high-efficiency, non-contact and non-pollution. Used for cleaning the rust of cast iron and carbon steel plates, cleaning the oil pollution of stainless steel and mold gears, aluminum plate, cleaning the oxide of stainless steel, has a clean surface and does not damage the base metal.

  • Laser marking machine series

    Laser marking machine series

    Laser marking machines use laser beams to mark permanent patterns, trademarks and characters on the surface of various materials. Laser marking machines are mainly divided into fiber laser marking machines, UV/green laser marking machines, and CO2 laser marking machines etc. Widely used in the industry of electronic components, electrical appliances, mobile communications, hardware products, tool accessories, precision equipment, jewelry, auto parts, plastic buttons, building materials, PVC pipes.

    Horizon Laser mainly produce 20W/30W/50W/100W desktop, portable, mini and hand-held fiber laser marking machines.