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Laser Welding Machine

  • Handheld laser welding machine

    Handheld laser welding machine

    The hand-held laser welding machine adopt a fiber laser source and transmit high-brightness laser through the fiber, obtain a high energy density output through the hand-held welding head. It is used for welding stainless steel, low carbon steel, aluminum alloy and other materials, and the operation is flexible and convenient.
    The hand-held laser welding machine is integrated with fiber laser source, hand-held welding head, chiller, wire feeder, laser control system, and safety light emitting system. The overall design is small, beautiful, and easy to move. It is convenient for customers to choose a working place without being limited by space and scope. This machine can be used for welding applications in billboards, metal doors & windows, sanitary ware, cabinets, boilers, frames and other industries.

  • Multi-axis laser welding machine

    Multi-axis laser welding machine

    Multi-axis laser welding machine controls the movement of the welding head through multiple motion axes, realizes multi-track welding of complex products, and is suitable for application scenarios with high welding precision and batch product processing. It is widely used in lithium battery industry, 3C industry, kitchen and bathroom industry.

  • 3D Robot Laser Welding Machine

    3D Robot Laser Welding Machine

    3D robot laser welding machine through the laser control module and the manipulator motion mechanism, match each other and work together. It has a high degree of flexibility and can meet the welding needs of any complex work piece. It is widely used in the automotive industry and electrical cabinet industry.