Selection guide for laser cleaning machine


Step 1: Select the laser type of cleaning machines

1. Pulse laser: It can better control the heat input and prevent the substrate temperature from being too high or micro-melting. It is suitable for application scenarios with high precision, which need to strictly control the heating of the substrate and require the substrate to be non-destructive, such as the mold industry.

2. CW laser: It has a price advantage, the average laser power is higher, as well as the cleaning efficiency. However, the heat input of high-power CW lasers is greater, and the degree of damage to the substrate will also increase. It is widely used for some large steel structures, pipes, etc., due to the large volume and fast heat dissipation, the requirements for substrate damage are not high.

Step 2: Laser power selection of cleaning machines


Laser Power

Pulse laser


①The laser is stable and the market usage is large

②Suitable for most mold industries, refurbishment of spare parts


①The price is higher and the market usage is smaller

②Suitable for rail and automobile industry

③Suitable for fine cleaning that requires high efficiency

CW laser


①The laser is stable and cost-effective

②Meet the rust removal applications in most industries

③Suitable for cleaning large-scale pipeline industry, high cleaning


①High power, large heat input, and large thermal impact on the substrate after cleaning

②Suitable for the cleaning of thick rust and paint layers in the shipbuilding industry


Step 3: Select the cleaning head of cleaning machines


At present, there are two kinds of cleaning heads for laser cleaning machines: single wobble cleaning head and double wobble cleaning head.


Size & Structure


single wobble

Small size and light weight

one wobble lens

①The cost is relatively low.

②Single cleaning track: straight line.

③ It is required to clean the moving speed evenly, and streaks are prone to appear.

④Low cleaning efficiency.

double wobble

large size and heavy weight

two wobble lens

①The cost is relatively high.

②Various cleaning trajectories: spiral, cross line, circle, square, etc.

③Easy cleaning operation and good performance for uniform cleaning shading.

④High cleaning efficiency.


Single wobble cleaning track


Double wobble cleaning track

Step 4: Selection of other aspects of cleaning machines

Operation Mode

Hand-held cleaning

① The cleaning head is required to be light

② The power of the cleaning machine is not easy to be too high,

Automatic cleaning

①High cleaning efficiency requirements, suitable for high-power laser cleaning machines

② Long cleaning time and high stability requirements

Cleaning Range

(optical fiber length)

The length of the optical fiber cable of the laser affects the scope of the cleaning area. The current standard cable length of the laser cleaning machine is as follows:

1. Pulse laser: 5m (100-300W), 10m (≥500W)

2. CW laser: 10-15m (1000-3000W)

(If a larger cleaning range is required, it needs to be explained in advance, and the cable length of the laser cleaning machine can be customized)

Post time: Mar-31-2022