Multi-axis laser welding machine

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Multi-axis laser welding machine controls the movement of the welding head through multiple motion axes, realizes multi-track welding of complex products, and is suitable for application scenarios with high welding precision and batch product processing. It is widely used in lithium battery industry, 3C industry, kitchen and bathroom industry.

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Technical Parameters

Laser CW fiber laser, QCW laser
Laser power 1000-6000W
Motion axis 4- axis ( 3- axis, 5- axis, 6- axis optional), rotation axis
Welding head Conventional welding head, swing welding head (weld seam 0.2 ~ 5 mm )
Welding mode Continuous welding (sealed welding, stitch welding, tailor welding, fillet welding), spot welding
Processing range Length, width and height: 200-900mm (larger size can be customized)
Drive method Servo motor (linear motor optional)
Repeatability ± 0.03mm
Other optional configuration Double station, CCD positioning, conveyor belt loading and unloading machine, wire feeding mechanism


Servo motor is matched with reducer to realize high-speed and large-torque movement;
Simultaneous multi-axis linkage to achieve a processing track similar to that of a manipulator;
The matching material tray can realize large-scale and batch one-time welding; the open IO handshake interface can be processed with automated production lines.

welding is 4 times faster than argon arc weldingl;
One-time welding forming, smooth welding bead, no need for grinding;
Basically no consumables, standardized use, the protective lens can be used for several weeks;
You can get started in 4 hours and become skilled as an professional welder in one day;
Comes with air pressure detection alarm to avoid damage to the welding torch;

Apply effects

Multi-axis laser welding machine (1)
Multi-axis laser welding machine (2)
Multi-axis laser welding machine (3)
Multi-axis laser welding machine (5)
Multi-axis laser welding machine (4)

It has a high degree of flexibility and can meet the welding needs of any complex work piece. It is widely used in the automotive industry and electrical cabinet industry.

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