Pipe laser cutting machine

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The pipe laser cutting machine can cut various pipes such as square pipes, round pipes, special-shaped pipes, etc. It is mainly used for shelves, vehicle frames, sports equipment, pipes and other industries. Various shapes such as intersecting lines, special-shaped holes and square holes can be cut on the pipe. According to different customer needs, it is divided into manual feeding pipe cutting machine and automatic feeding pipe cutting machine. The manual feeding cutting machine is suitable for occasions where the size of the pipe is large and the processing time of a single tube is long; the automatic feeding cutting machine is suitable for the occasions where a large amount of products are processed in large quantities, the product types are relatively single, and the cutting efficiency is required.

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Pipe feeding, automatic center adjustment.
The follow-up control combined with the automatic adjustment of the cutting focus can realize the cutting of pipes of different shapes.
Front and rear chuck clamping design, more stable, higher precision, can process large diameter pipes.
According to the requirements of different pipe diameters, weights and lengths, different models of pipe cutting machines can be selected.

Technical Parameters

model Chuck specifications Adapted pipe length Pipe diameter Applicable power Floating material function
DPX-G6010 鈮ぢ100mm 6m [Phi聽20-100mm 鈮ぢ6KW optional
DPX-G6016 鈮ぢ160mm 6m 桅聽20-160mm 鈮ぢ6KW optional
DPX-G6022 鈮ぢ220mm 6m [Phi聽20-220mm 鈮ぢ6KW optional
DPX-G6035 鈮ぢ350mm 6m [Phi聽20-350mm 鈮ぢ6KW optional
Cutting focus聽adjusting 聽method Manual聽/聽Auto Focus

Application effect

Pipe laser cutting machine (4)
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Pipe laser cutting machine (1)
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