Portable Laser Cleaning Machine

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Portable laser cleaning machines are small in size, flexible in movement, can match the way of pulling rod or backpack. The laser power is relatively low and the power consumption is small, which is suitable for outdoor operations, and is suitable for cleaning fixed products that are not easy to disassemble and move.
The new generation portable laser cleaning machine of Horizon Laser combines light weight, easy operation, high-efficiency, non-contact and non-pollution. Used for cleaning the rust of cast iron and carbon steel plates, cleaning the oil pollution of stainless steel and mold gears, aluminum plate, cleaning the oxide of stainless steel, has a clean surface and does not damage the base metal.

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Air-cooled, lighter and more portable.
Cylinder structure and pulleys at the bottom make the equipment more convenient to move (backpack type is optional).
The cleaning head is lighter and suitable for long-term hand-held operation.

Product advantages

Portable design: compact, wearable, ergonomic, single-handed;
Efficient cleaning: high laser cleaning efficiency, saving time;
Non-contact type: laser cleaning without grinding and non-contact;
Non-pollution: easy to solve the environmental pollution caused by chemical cleaning without using any
chemicals and cleaning liquids;
Strong scalability: interchangeable lens, changeable focus distance, wide cleaning format.

Portable Laser Cleaning Machine (2)

Trolley cleaning machine

Portable Laser Cleaning Machine (1)

Backpack cleaning machine

Technical Parameters

Model DPX-QP50 DPX-QP30
Laser聽source Pulse聽50W Pulse聽30W
Fiber length 5m聽(customizable) 5m聽(customizable)
Pulse energy 1.5mJ 1.5mJ
Cooling method air cooling air cooling
Dimensions 462*260*855mm 462*260*855mm
Weight 32kg 30kg
Power consumption 锛400w 锛300w
Supply voltage AC聽220V
Application industry Ancient cultural relic restoration, power grid base station, large equipment parts, welding production line


Base Material Surface Effective DOF (mm) Normal Speed (mm2/s) High Speed (mm2/s) Effect
Cast iron Severe rust(0.08mm thick) 8 2000 3000 Clean surface and no harm to base material
Carbon steel Moderate rust (0.05mm thick) 8 1800 2400 Clean surface and no harm to base material
Stainless steel Greasy dirt, slight rust 8 2000 3000 Clean surface and no harm to base material
Mouldsteel gear Moderate greasy, iron residue 8 1500 2300 Clean surface and no harm to base material
Aluminum Oxide, Dirty surface 8 1500 2000 Clean surface and no harm to base material
General Characteristic Test Conditions Min. Typical Max. Unit
Operating Voltage 220 210 220 230 *
Maximum Current Consumption Pout=Pnom 4 5 6 A
Operating Ambient Temperature 0 +40 掳C
Storage Temperature -10 +60 掳C
Cooling Method AirCooling
Warm upTime -can be operated 0 min
-work steady 10 min
Relative Humidity 10 96 %
Dimensions 390*150*485 (W*D*H) mm
Weight 17 kg
Laser cleaning head 2.5 kg

Application effect

Portable Laser Cleaning Machine (1)
Portable Laser Cleaning Machine (2)
Portable Laser Cleaning Machine (2)
Portable Laser Cleaning Machine (1)

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